Orlando Babe Ruth strives to inclusively grow youth baseball and softball in our community by developing young girls and boys skills, physical and mental development, respect, and love of the game through promoting growth in character and

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Orlando Babe Ruth Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.      How can I register my child to play baseball or softball?




2.      What are the Registration Fees?

All registration fees are listed on the season registration link. Your registration include a jersey, hat and belt. If you need to request a reduced registration fee you can do so during the registration process. The league will deduct $50 off all registrations for players that qualify for free or reduced lunch at their respective school.

We also provide family discounts when additional children are registered. Each additional child receives a $10 reduction in their registration fee.

3.      In which division should my child play?

Baseball (age of your child on April 30th of the following year).

  • T-Ball (6u) ages 4 & 5
  • Advanced T-Ball ages 6 & age 7 new players
  • Rookie (8u) ages 7 & 8; uses a Louisville Slugger machine pitch
  • Minor (10u) ages 9 & 10; kid pitch, closed bases (no leading off)
  • Major (12u) ages 11 & 12; kid pitch, open bases (lead offs are allowed)
  • Juniors (15u) 13, 14, & 15; kid pitch, open bases
  • Senior (18u) ages 16 - 18; kid pitch, open bases

Softball (age of your child on December 31, 2020)

  • 8u ages 7 & 8
  • 10u ages 9 & 10
  • 12u ages 11 & 12
  • 16u ages 13 to 16

Softball “League Age” determines the division in which a softball player should participate. The league age is determined by the age of your child on December 31, 2020.

4.      Can my son/daughter play in a higher or lower division than their age?

It is recommended that children play in their designated age group. Skill up/down requests are evaluated at the respective division’s skill assessment. Players MUST attend both the player evaluation for the division that they are eligible for (based on League Age), and the DESIRED division’s skill assessment. 

5.      Where are games and practices held?

Our fields are located at the following locations:













6.      What equipment will we need?

  • Baseball batting helmet (face or cheek guard is optional)
  • Baseball bat (size will vary depending on height and age of child). Go here for more info: https://www.baberuthleague.org/bat-rules.aspx
  • Baseball glove
  • Baseball pants (color will be determined by each team so do not purchase pants until your coach contacts you)
  • Baseball cleats (Metal cleats are only allowed for Juniors and Seniors Division players. All others must wear rubber/molded cleats)
  • Athletic cup for boys
  • Optional equipment bag

Note: An MLB hat and jersey will be provided before the season begins

7.      What time commitment is involved?

Fall Season:

- Typically 1 weekday practices per week that will last 60-90 minutes (weather dependent)

- Typically one (1) game per week (weather dependent)

Spring Season:

- Typically 1 to 2 weekday practices per week that will last 60-90 minutes (weather dependent)

- Typically two (2) games per week (weather dependent)

8.      Can you tell me about the basic game play?

  • 6u/T-ball: Played on a field with 60 foot bases. Players will hit a soft baseball from a tee and/or gentle coach pitch. No score is kept. The game is designed to teach the players the fundamentals. Teams consist of approximately 7-8 players. All players will bat (continuous lineup).
  • 8u/Rookies: Played on a field with 60 foot bases. A standard (hardball) baseball is used with a manual pitching machine operated by a trained coach, with pitching speeds of approximately 40-45 mph. The machine consistently throws strikes. Teams consist of approximately 10-13 players, though only 10 players may play defense at one time. All players will bat (continuous lineup). No stealing allowed.
  • 10u (Minors): Played on a field with 60 foot bases and the pitching rubber is at 46 feet. Closed bases (no lead offs). Stealing is allowed. Players pitch.
  • 12u (Majors): Played on a field with 70 foot bases and the pitching rubber is at 50 feet. Bases are open (lead offs are allowed) and stealing is allowed. Players pitch.
  • 15u (Juniors) and 18u (Seniors): Played on a field with 90 foot bases and the pitching rubber is 60’6”.

9.      What is the Tournament Team (“Storm”) Program?

A tournament team is a team of selected athletes that represent our league in regional tournaments and events against other tournament teams. We call our tournament teams the Orlando Storm. The players will be selected each season through a player evaluation process.

When does the tournament team play their games?

Game schedules vary based on season and the interest of the coaching staff and parents. Generally, the tournament teams practice weekly and play in an event every other week during the season. Games are held within Central Florida for the most part.

How can my child try-out for the tournament team?

Each season (Spring and Fall) the league holds try-outs for the tournament teams. The coaches of the recreational league teams will recommend a few players that are playing at an advanced level. These players will try-out for the tournament team for their age level. The Storm Manager at each age level will then make a final roster selection after the try-outs.

Does it cost money to play on the tournament team?

Yes. The fees vary by season, but they are significantly less than other non-league sponsored "travel" or tournament teams as the Orlando Babe Ruth league provides subsidies/funding to each tournament team.

What ages can play on the tournament teams?

This varies by season. We try to have a tournament team at all age levels.

How can I find out more?

Please contact OrlandoBabeRuth@gmail.com for more info.

10.      Who are the league managers and coaches? How can I sign up to coach?

  • All OBR coaches are volunteers dedicated to developing each player’s baseball or softball skills in a fun and respectful environment
  • OBR conducts background checks on every prospective coach as well as anyone who will have regular contact with the players
  • All coaches receive Babe Ruth certified training
  • If you are interested in coaching please register here: http://orlandobaberuth.com/Registration/Default.asp?n=134993&org=orlandobaberuth.org